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What can I do to reduce hunger in North Dakota?

New ideas! What can I do to reduce hunger in a time of COVID-19

Donate Food

  • Donate food or funds to the Great Plains Food Bank and their network of food pantries across the state
  • Donate food in the next food drive or organize a virtual food drive to collect money to donate
  • Find out about the backpack program in your school or community and contribute to that
  • Start a backpack program if your school does not have one
  • Contribute a gallon of milk (by voucher) to the Great Plains Food Bank via the Great American Milk Drive
  • This year as you harvest from your garden and you have more squash than you can eat or more apples than you can make into apple crisp, share with your local food pantry
  • Next spring, plan to plant an extra plant or an extra row to share with your neighbors in need through the Hunger Free North Dakota Garden Project
  • Hunters, be part of North Dakota Community Action’s Sportsmen Against Hunger Program and donate geese or deer collected through bow hunting

Be informed

Take personal action

  • Be aware of what is in your refrigerator and work to reduce food waste; in the US, up to 40% of our food is thrown away
  • Volunteer at a local food pantry or soup kitchen, and take your children
  • Teach your children how to cook, garden, preserve food so they have the skills to be self-sufficient.
  • Take a cooking or gardening or food preservation class you have the skills to be self-sufficient
  • Don’t know how? 4-H creates supportive learning environments for all youth and adults to reach their fullest potential as capable, competent and caring citizens
  • Submit your contact information to receive more information and opportunities for action from Creating a Hunger Free North Dakota (link to somewhere? to sign up)

Vote with your dollar

  • Support business and agencies who work toward ending hunger

Be an informed voter and vote

  • Take action and respond to “Action Alerts” to contact your elected representatives
  • Tell your elected representatives that you support ending hunger in North Dakota
  • Ask your elected representative or candidate questions about their ideas for ending hunger
  • Vote for candidates who support hunger relief and other tax and financial incentives like the Earned Income Tax Credit that help people with low incomes build a reserve

Donate dollars

What is your idea?!
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