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About Us

Vision: A hunger free North Dakota

Mission: The CHFND Coalition is a statewide network of organizations, agencies and individuals established to collectively identify and address the unmet food and hunger needs and their underlying causes.


  • Statewide Network – open to all;
  • Grassroots – local focus with statewide coordination
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness - in membership and focus
  • Flexibility – responding to changing needs and challenges
  • Need and Choice Focused – person and community-centered
  • Independent – the Coalition should remain independent in its operation


  • Structure and Sustainability: To establish and maintain a coalition of a statewide network of organizations, groups and individuals dedicated to collectively identifying and addressing the unmet food and hunger needs (systemic and policy) of the people of North Dakota.*
  • AdvocacyTo identify and advocate for the policy and systems changes that are necessary to meet the immediate hunger needs and address the underlying causes of hunger.*
  • Education and Outreach: To provide and promote education and outreach opportunities that enhance the understanding and awareness of hunger issues and the capacity to address them.*
  • Information, Data and Research: To identify and compile data and information from reputable sources and make that material available to networks, advocates, policymakers and other interested parties.*  

History: A committed group of individuals, charitable feeding providers and state agencies answered a call to action and formed the state’s first ever Creating a Hunger Free North Dakota (CHFND) Coalition in 2009. The Coalition was formed as advocates came together to plan how to fill gaps and address challenges in connecting hungry people with food and to meet the vision of a hunger-free North Dakota.

*Information and awareness are a component of all aspects and goals of the coalition